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At 50 Yards Longer we strive to offer our customers access to the best quality Golf equipment and brands in the golf industry.

Equipment Brands

Edel Golf - Edel Golf provide the most innovative, highest quality and best performing products in the Golf Industry. Industry leading single length irons, custom grind wedges and torque balanced putters to increase consistency on the greens equals lower scores for you.

Callaway Golf - A leading Brand in the Golf industry with ground breaking technology from 360 Face Cup in the Irons to Jail Break in the Woods you must see how much you could gain by testing today.

Epon - There is A Myth that forged irons are only for the very best players in the game, EPON dispels that myth by providing forged designs for players of all skill levels. From low-handicap designs through game improvement models, there is an option for every player profile.

Titleist Golf - Renowned for that traditional look and feel whilst offering superb performance. Their 16 adapter settings make fine tuning performance on all their woods and hybrids incredible. They have Irons to fit all handicap levels perfectly.

TaylorMade Golf - Using cutting edge Artificial intelligence computers their products are on the edge of innovation. Played by many of the leading professionals on tour, take your game to the next level today with TaylorMade.

Ping Golf - PING  founded by Karsten Solheim provides the best  in Club craftsmanship.  High MOI Drivers to that unique Ping only feel in the Irons, if you have never tried a Ping Golf club we have a full range for you to enjoy.

Srixon - A global leader in golf technology and innovation, makes golf balls and golf clubs trusted by leading tour professionals around the world. Srixon tour staff professionals have won hundreds of golf events around the world, including major championships. Put this brand to test soon.

 Mizuno Golf

Industry Brands


Incredible game play, realistic club data at an affordable price. SkyTrak allows you to play golf anytime and in any way and take your game to the next level. As a Skytrak approved partner we can offer some great bonus packages and give customers the opportunity to attend a SkyTrak demo day to test before you buy. Contact us for more information.

Flight Scope - FlightScope® with over two decades of Doppler radar and phased array tracking technology, it is now one of the Industry leaders in Launch Monitor technology. It is used by top golf instructors, club fitters, tour players and original equipment manufacturers around the world. At 50 Yards Longer we need the best data and information possible to ensure a great club fitting. Flightscopes track record gives us the confidence our customers are getting a truly fantastic experience. Interested in buying one, then contact us for a flightscope demonstration.

The Golf Club Game. Use your SkyTrak to play golf on over 150,000 stunning, PC compatible, high definition courses uniquely created for The Golf Club Game.  Take your simulator experiences to a whole new level. With the custom creator you have access to stunningly accurate replica versions of Augusta, Pine Valley, Cypress Point and almost any leading courses you can imagine. We have created an awesome top 100 course list to help your experience the most amazing courses on offer.

Mitchell Golf - The number 1 Source for Professional Grade Golf Club Performance and Repair Equipment. We use only the best to spec out all our tested equipment and measure our customers clubs on site during the fitting process.


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